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11th Annual UK Chung Do Kwan Championships

Jack Walmsley, Year 9, went to Bristol at the weekend and competed in the 11th Annual UK Chung Do Kwan Championships. Jack won Silver in Poomsae (Patterns) and two Gold medals in Kyorugi (Sparring), one of which was won competing against black belts (Jack is currently a green belt). Well done Jack!

Year 8 Girls Netball – 12th February 2019

Both the A and B team took on Redhouse School. Both teams put on a great performance and played fantastically as a team. They started off strong but unfortunately they were defeated, despite their defeat all of the girls put in 100% effort and did not let the score affect their confidence. Well done girls. Grace and Natasha won Player of the Match for their team. The A Team lost 20-2 and the B Team 7-2.

Year 8 Netball  Year 8 Netball A

PE Rewards: Newcastle Eagles – 12th February 2019

On Friday evening, 23 students went to the Eagles Community Arena to watch Newcastle Eagles vs Manchester Giants in the BBL Championship as part of a PE reward trip. After the Eagles had previously been beaten by Manchester Giants, the pupils could not predict a winner; however, with the majority of pupils being Middlesbrough fans, most decided to support Manchester Giants! During the first quarter, Newcastle Eagles found themselves behind as they could not convert their chances. However, slowly but surely, the Eagles found their rhythm and started to crawl their way back into the game to end the second quarter level on points. The Eagles continued to place pressure on the Giants and started to develop a healthy lead even after their best player came off injured after a nasty collision. The Eagles dominated the rest of the game, ending up victorious and winning both the game and the hearts of Our Lady and St Bede pupils! After the game, the Eagles stayed behind to sign autographs and take pictures which was a fantastic touch and a moment the pupils will never forget.

PE Rewards

Year 7 Boys Rugby – 12th February 2019

The Year 7 Rugby Team put on a spectacular display of dominance in their recent tournament held at Billingham RFU. They played St Aiden’s and Whickham beating both teams 8-0 and 6-3, respectively. As a result, the team managed to secure the Durham County RFU Schools Year 7 Boys Shield and bring it home for the 2018-19 season. Top effort all round, well done lads.

Year 7 Rugby 2019

Year 7 Netball – 4th February 2019

Both the A and B teams played against Conyers last Monday. Both teams put in there best efforts, with the B team winning their game 2 – 1. Players of the match were: Beth and Ella Rae. On Wednesday the girls played Egglescliffe. This was the best performance yet by both teams. Lots of great passing and moving, with the B team winning 6-2. Well done girls.


A Team
Our Lady and St Bede : 2 – Conyers: 7
Our Lady and St Bede: 2 – Egglescliffe: 3


B Team
Our Lady and St Bede: 2 – Conyers: 1
Our Lady and St Bede: 6 – Egglescliffe: 2

Year 7 Netball 1  Year 7 Netball 2  Year 7 Netball 3

Year 7 Netball – 18th January 2018

Well done to our Year 7 netball team who had their first game of the season this week and for some it was also their first game ever!


Results: A team lost 22-2 and B team drew 2-2


Year 7 Netball 1  Year 7 Netball 2

Cross Country

Congratulations to our Year 9 pupil who qualified for the next stage of the Stockton District Cross Country Tees Valley Finals on Wednesday. The boys narrowly missed out by just one place but competed exceptionally well against pupils older than them and came 17th. Well done!

Cross Country

Year 7 Football Team

The Year 7 football team performed exceptionally well on Thursday evening. The boys played against Northfield in the league. They won 9-3 with one student scoring six of those goals securing himself the man of the match. Another student scored a hat trick to make up the rest of the goals, whilst one kept our opponents at bay with his impressive defending skills!


The win was even more impressive due to the fact that four of the nine players on the field had been out representing the school in cross country all afternoon.


Some of them were also going straight to training for their club afterwards as well.


Excellent commitment and team effort all round, well done boys!


Y7 Football

Preston Park

On Wednesday 5th December we took 52 students out to Preston Park, where we had a mixture of sports leaders and competitors.


The sports leaders did a fantastic job organising the course and ensuring all the competitors made it round safely. The competitors put in tremendous effort, thoroughly challenging themselves in the wind and rain to make it around the course. It was an extremely tough run.


A massive congratulations to James Skull, Jessica Dawson and Troy Bramley, who all managed to qualify for the next round.


Preston Park

Preston Park

Infinte Air

On Thursday 15th November, a group of students had been selected to be part of the first PE reward trip of the year to Infinite Air. After a short bus journey to Durham, students were welcomed by the Inifinite Air staff, given socks and a safety brief. All students were incredibly enthusiastic and excited to get started. Madeline Joynes demonstrated fantastic gymnastic ability on the spring boards which would not look out of place on the Olympic stage! Many students faced their fears and jumped off the highest platform onto the air bag. Meanwhile, Mr Everson was showing his dominance on the gladiator balance beam by putting Mr Healey to shame. Overall, a brilliant trip which was enjoyed by all.

Infinite Air

Year 7 boys Football


Last night (21 November 2018) the Year 7 boys Football Team played in a 5-a-side tournament held at Northfield. The boys played three games to secure a place in the semi final. They beat Grangefield 1-0, St Michael’s 4-2 and then played Grangefield again where they beat them 6-2. This secured a place in the semi final of our group where they drew against St Michael’s 3-3 but unfortunately lost on penalties. Overall result: semi finalists, 3rd place out of 9 schools. Well done boys!

Year 7 Boys Football

Students compete in International Judo Competition


Aiden and Olivia Hope competed in the Kent International Judo Competition 2018 on Wednesday 24th June.  Olivia won the silver medal and Aiden the bronze after only a year and a half training!  We are so proud of them – well done!

International Judo 1  International Judo 2

Jack Walmsley Year 8 St Joseph’s Wins European Championships!


We are very proud to share pictures of Jack’s amazing sporting achievements in Taekwondo. Jack successfully got BRONZE for patterns and won GOLD for fighting – well done Jack!


Jack Walmsley 1  Jack Walmsley 2

Year 9 Netball


Well done to the year 9 netball team who played against Egglescliffe School.  It was a really close game however Egglescliffe managed to win 15-12.  Well done to Emily who was awarded player of the match for her hard work in Centre.



Indoor Athletics – 25th January 2017


Well done to the year 7 and year 8 boys who qualified for the Tees Valley Indoor Athletics Final. Year 8 finished in second place and year 7 finished in fifth place! Troy Bramley and Katisha Daka did particularly well in their events.


Indoor Athletics 1  Indoor Athletics 2


Year 7 Football

This half term the year 7 football team were knocked out of the national cup after going through 4 rounds and being one away from the northern quarter finals. However the team have managed to continue there strong campaign in the league with a win over Northfield, sitting second at the minute during the winter break.

The Year 7 5-a-side team came third in the Stockton school 5-a-side tournament after winning two, drawing one and losing one in the finals.


The Year 7 Rugby team managed to reach the Finals of the Tees Valley Rugby Competition where they came up against some strong opponents but finished 3rd. The rugby team are very strong and should do well in future competitions.


The Topic was Volleyball this half term for the inter form competitions. These competitions were very well attended, although some forms throughout the school didn’t managed to field a 6 person team. However this didn’t stop the fun. This half term’s winners are:

Y10 – English Martyrs
Y9 – St Patrick
Y8 – St Patrick
Y7 – St Bede & St Cuthbert

Pupils also took part in Inter form Cross County. Results and winners are to follow.

Next term sees Table Tennis, please could all form tutors support the PE Department and push participation levels further.


Due to weather this term, pupils have opted for more indoor extra-curricular activities. Therefore table tennis, gymnastics, trampolining and boxing have been added to the schedule.


15 Pupils had a day at Durham University in Stockton where they attended various workshops on how to become a leader in sport. Leaders commented on how well the group did, how well they got involved and that they came up with some fantastic ideas. Pupils have lots of ideas to implement in the school, so watch this space. Well done to all pupils who attended and they were a credit to the school.

Img 1  Img 2  Img 3  Img 4  Img 5  Img 6  Img 7  Img 8  Img 9  Img 10  Img 11

13th December 2017 – Netball Results

Year 7 girls won against Grangefield 20-0 last night… player of the match was Amie Laverick!!  Year 8 lost 5-4 so close!… player of the match was Jessica Dawson.  Well done girls!


Netball 1  Netball 2

Sports Newsletter

Please click the image below to see the sports newsletter.

Sports Newsletter

8th March 2017 – Year 9 Netball

On Thursday 28th September the Year 9 netball team competed in their first tournament of the season. The girls have been training hard on a lunch time and showed excellent teamwork and effort. Well done girls!

Year 9 Netball Team

8th March 2017 – Year 9 Netball

The Year 9 girls netball team enjoyed an away victory against Teesside High’s B Team.  The sportsmanship was great and there was some excellent netball.  Well done girls!


Year 7 and Year 8 Athletics Competition – Wednesday 23rd November

All 4 teams performed very well especially the Year 7 boys and the Year 8 girls who both finished in second place in their competitions and will now represent Stockton at the Teesvalley Championships on Monday 16th January.  The Year 8 boys narrowly missed out on bronze medal position by only 3 points.

wp_20161123_003  wp_20161123_001

Year 7 Football

On Friday the Year 7 boys 5-a-side team competed in the Stockton Schools 5 a side Championships after qualifying from a difficult group 3 weeks earlier.  In the final the boys performed exceptionally well, winning all 3 matches in comfortable fashion.  All the teams on the night had qualified for the finals after winning their area competitions so the standard was very high, but Our Lady and St Bede finished as winners with a 100% winning record scoring 13 goals and only conceding 1.  The team will now go forward and represent Stockton at the next stage of competition at the Tees Valley finals on Tuesday 13th December.

Y8 and Y9 Netball


A positive start to the season with all netball teams performing consistently well especially Y8 and Y9 in recent victories over Ian Ramsey School.

y8netball  y9netball

Y9 and Y11 Volleyball


All teams performed very well at the first of the Stockton CVL competitions leaving us in very healthy and commanding position for second round of competition.


Y8 Rugby


Well done to our Year 8 Rugby Team who, on a cold dark winters night romped to a 50-15 victory over Egglescliffe school in the County Cup. All of the team were outstanding and the victory came down to high quality passing and organisation from the team. A special mention must go to captain Aidan, who not only organised the team, led them in their warmup and continually kept the team working hard. Well done boys!


Y7 and Y8 Volleyball Teams


Brilliant performances from all teams especially from Y8 girls who finished Stockton Champions and will now represent the town at the Teesvalley finals in December


Y7 and Y8 Sportshall Athletics Teams


Excellent performances throughout the squad with the highlight being a third place finish for the Y7 boys team with only 8 points separating the top three schools.


Y8 Dragon Boat Teams


Both boys and girls teams finished 3rd in their respective competitions.

dragonboat1  dragonboat2

Year 7 Football Team


Currently in a great run of form with a 100% win record for the first half of the season.


Success for Year 8 Rugby Team


Well done to our Year 8 Rugby Team who, on a cold dark winters night, romped to a 50-15 victory over Egglescliffe school in the County Cup.  All of the team were outstanding and the victory came down to high quality passing and organisation from the team.  A special mention must go to the captain Aidan, who not only organised the team but led them in their warm up and continually kept the team working hard.  Well done boys!



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