In Year 10 and Year 11 pupils begin to study a more refined curriculum, tailored to meet their needs. All pupils study for a GCSE in English, English Literature, Mathematics and Religious Education. Pupils also study one of the following Science courses: either Triple Science (3 separate GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology) or Dual Science (pupils still study Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are awarded 2 GCSEs).


Pupils then select 3 options, their first currently being a guided EBacc Option Choice and their second and third being from a selection of high quality GCSE courses including, Art and Design, Catering, Computing Science, French, Health and Social Care, History, Geography, PE, Product Design, Music, Spanish and Textiles.


All qualifications are studied at GCSE level. The school also offers a BTEC qualification in Sport


Additional Information


English Language
English Literature
Combined Science
Computer Science
Health and Social Care (GCSE)
Health and Social Care (BTEC)
Art and Design
Design & Technology (Product Design)
Design & Technology (Catering)
Design & Technology (Textiles Technology)

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