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The Great British Geography Bake Off!


Look out Mary Berry, the geographers are here!  This half term the members of geography club took part in a Great British Geography bake off and I think I can say, on behalf of all members, that it was a great success.  Abbiegail and Ethan Jinks came in first position with an amazing volcano cake scoring a 28/30.  2nd place went to Josh Edmonds and 3rd place was awarded to Skye Webster.  So much effort went into not only the presentation of the cakes and baked entries but also the way the students linked and spoke geographically about their creations was impressive.  As their geography teacher I was a very proud!  Due to the competitions success, future ideas include creating their own country with a flag, national anthem and traditions.


Bake Off 1  Bake Off 2  Bake Off 3  Bake Off 4

Project Trust


On Wednesday 13th December the Geography department welcomed a Returned Volunteer who had spent a year teaching overseas in Guyana with a charity called Project Trust.


Catherine very kindly shared stories with our Year 8 and Year 9 pupils about her time abroad.  The main focus of each session was on superstitions and beliefs within Guyana but the sessions also offered pupils to opportunity to try a local delicacy of mango, chilli and salt. Here is what our pupils thought of it:


“Yesterday I really enjoyed the lesson and I want to say thank you. It was really exciting finding out about Catherine’s experiences in a different culture and I found it really cool that she had to eat out of leaves. Thank you Project Trust.” Bryon – Year 8
“I really enjoyed Project Trust because it was really interesting learning about different Guyanese traditions.” Ciaran- Year 8
“I really enjoyed Catherine telling us about the spirits and what people in Guyana believe. I also enjoyed trying the mango, chilli and salt.” Rhianna- Year 8
“I found it really interesting as we got to hear stories about different cultures and we got to look at different objects that Catherina had brought in from Guyana.” Amie- Year 8
“I enjoyed learning about the different culture in Guyana and because Catherine had lived there it made the lesson even more fascinating listening to her first hand experiences. I would love to travel around the world and this really inspired me.” Jessika- Year 8
“I enjoyed learning about the spirits, curses and foods.” Mak- Year 8


Project Trust 1  Project Trust 2  Project Trust 3  Project Trust 4

Poetry Workshop with Maureen Almond – Year 7


Today, 27 Year 7 pupils had an amazing opportunity to take part in a Poetry Workshop based on World War One.  The workshop was run by Maureen Almond, a successful poet who has had her work published.  Maureen spent the afternoon discussing her life as a poet with the pupils and then invited the pupils on a journey of discovery, with facts, figures and historical knowledge about The Great War.  This was really shocking for the pupils and their fascination with what Maureen was telling them was palpable.


The pupils then spent the afternoon crafting and creating their own Haikus!  This was such an enjoyable experience for them and some of the poems they created are amazing.  The pupils were all given the confidence by Maureen to share their poems with each other, reading to their audience in loud, clear and confident voices.  We are creating a full class anthology of the work we have created today and it is really something to be so proud of.  We will take away the anthology with each and every pupil’s work in and keep it forever as a memory of today.


A fantastic afternoon had by all.  We are so grateful to Maureen for kindly giving her time to inspire us and help us with our poems!  Thank you again.


Pupil comments about the workshop


Natasha Curran —”I absolutely loved this workshop.  I learnt so much and also in a really fun way!

Sophie Cowley – I learnt so many new things today and I would recommend it to many other people”.

Francesca Law- “Maureen helped me develop new skills I never even knew I had.  Thank you!”

Isla McGill: “I learnt loads of new things about poetry and I am fascinated by Maureen’s work”.

Alice Young- “I have really enjoyed today’s workshop!  My favourite part was when Maureen told us about how she was inspired to be a poet”.

Haddie Mills- “I have really enjoyed this lesson as I have learned so many new things”.

Grace Degnan – “I have really enjoyed today and learnt lots – I can’t wait to finish my cinquain!”


Example Haikus written by Pupils


I sit there and sway
Petals blowing in the wind
Petals thick with blood
– by Demi McCabe


One, two, three I breathe
I’m taking the leap of faith
Too late to turn back
– by Isla McGill


Pop! Goes a balloon
War is here, yet I’m at home
Why am I haunted?
– by Francesca Law


Her touch is so warm
My officer is yelling
He heard them coming
– by Cameron O’Keefe


We had a fantastic afternoon and the pupils really enjoyed themselves.  Their work will be made into an anthology which they will be able to take home.



Former Our Lady & St.Bede Pupil wins Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award


Tom Lingard, former pupil at Our Lady & St.Bede and Teeside University graduate topped the Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award 2017 for his innovative generator system that could significantly boost the efficiency of an electrified car’s powertrain.


The Next Generation Award offers each year’s winner a platform on which to build or develop a career within the automotive industry. Tom, who was announced as winner at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders dinner last month, will now start a six-month work experience journey with award sponsors including Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren Automotive, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Horiba MIRA.


Tom Lingard 2  Tom Lingard 1

Year 10 inter form – Half Term 2


17 year 10 students competed in this half terms inter form volleyball competition.  St Cuthberts finished in third place and St Peter and Paul finished in second place, with English Martyrs winning all of their games, putting them in first place.

Volleyball 1  Volleyball 2  Volleyball 3  Volleyball 4

Junior Gifted and Talented Conference at Carmel College – 10th November 2017


A selection of Year 9 and 10 pupils took part in the Junior Gifted and Talented Conference at Carmel College on 10th November 2017.  This was a day for bright ambitious pupils who are interested in ideas and big thinking.  This year the focus was on philosophy and included some basic principles for clear thinking as well as an introduction to philosophy of science with a former CERN physicist from Oxford University.  Pupils spent the day with like-minded youngsters all keen to reach the ceiling of their ability and share ideas.  Experienced gifted educator, Julie Arliss and lecturers from Oxford University, Aberdeen University and London University challenged pupils to explore key questions and big ideas.

Junior Gifted and Talented Conference

Stockton Parish Church


Stockton Parish Church Service of Remembrance, 8th November: a number of Year 10 and 11 pupils will take part in a service of remembrance at Stockton Parish Church.

Year 8 Inter-form Volleyball


Well done to all of the students in Year 8 who competed in last weeks inter-form volleyball competition.  It was great to see you all working well in your teams and showing off your fantastic volleyball skills.  Year 8 Saint Patrick were the champions!

Volleyball 1  Volleyball 2  Volleyball 3  Volleyball 4  Volleyball 5  Volleyball 6  Volleyball 7  Volleyball 8  Volleyball 9  Volleyball 10  Volleyball 11  Volleyball 12  Volleyball 13  Volleyball 14  Volleyball 15  

Language Breakfast – 11th July 2017


FRANCAIS: Aujourd’hui nos élevés de year 7 ont participé au “petit déjeuner de langues” afin de célébrer la fin de leur première année d’enseignement de français ou d’espagnol. Pendant la première heure, les élevés d’espagnol ont participé et pendant la deuxième, ceux qui étudient le français. Le petit déjeuner consistait d’une sélection de nourriture française et espagnole typique comme les churros et les croissants, servit d’un jus d’orange. Les élevés se sont très bien amuses et ont même chanté et dansé à la fin du événement.


ESPANOL: Hoy nuestros alumnos de year 7 han participado al “desayuno de idiomas” para celebrar el fin de su primer año de aprendizaje de idiomas. Durante la primera hora, los alumnos d’espanol han participado y luego durante la segunda hora, los que estudian el francés. El desayuno consistía de una selección de comida francesa y española típica como los churros y los cruasanes con un zumo de naranja. Los alumnos se han disfrutado mucho y han cantado.


Language Breakfast 1  Language Breakfast 2  Language Breakfast 3  Language Breakfast 4  Language Breakfast 5  Language Breakfast 6  Language Breakfast 7  Language Breakfast 8

Theresa Munoz Poet Visit


Theresa Munoz is a young poet who came to our school to complete a creative writing workshop and share her own poetry with us. She began her visit by introducing herself and her poetry collection, Settle. She gave the class some insight regarding her background and family life, which are both key aspects of the inspiration behind many of her poems in this book. Munoz also shared with us some of her views on social media, a topic which she writes poems about. We engaged in a class discussion upon whether or not we collectively felt that the modern day social media attracts us or repels us. One class member shared their personal opinion, an idea in which I feel is very current and valuable to the 21st century. She said ‘social media distances us from our close friends but brings us closer to friends that without it, we probably would never have known.’ Both Theresa and the class found this suggestion valid.


Theresa and her team continued their session by handing out stones on which read various words, ranging from colours, to physical features such as: rivers, mountains and directions. We then were asked to use this word to construct a poem of any sort which related to this. Some pupils chose to share their work with Theresa and the rest of the class. This idea was particularly important as it helped students to gain a knowledge of using their imagination to produce a poem fitting of this theme, in limited time. Theresa then asked us whether we found this activity difficult or easier than writing without a prompt and the class appeared to show split suggestions upon this. Answers ranging from, ‘it is hard to limit ideas to one thing’ and ‘it is easier having a key feature to focus ideas upon’.


To finish her workshop, Theresa nudged the class to come forward with any itching questions they had regarding her work or creative writing in general. The pupils asked multiple questions to Munoz with reference to her personal novel, suggestions and advice for new authors who are wanting to begin their journey. The class found Theresa’s answers to be very helpful and interesting, some of the tips given I guarantee will be used by the majority of the class in times following this task.


Overall, Theresa’s ideas towards poetry and writing were fascinating to hear. Her poetry was emotive and the class really related to Theresa’s personal touch within her work. One student fed back to the teacher following Theresa’s departure saying, ‘This helped us gain confidence and receive valuable feedback on our own work which allowed us to improve’. Many students also described Theresa as ‘friendly’ and ‘easy to talk to’ which are adjectives I believe really capture Theresa’s characteristics within the time she spent at Our Lady and St Bede.


Mia Ainsley and Maisie Kennedy, Year 9


Theresa Munoz 1  Theresa Munoz 2  Theresa Munoz 3  Theresa Munoz 4  Theresa Munoz 5  Theresa Munoz 6  Theresa Munoz 7  Theresa Munoz 8  Theresa Munoz 9  Theresa Munoz 10  Theresa Munoz 11

Walk of Witness

On Wednesday 22nd March all pupils and staff at Our Lady and St Bede Academy took part in our ‘Walk of Witness’ for our chosen charities.  This is an essential theme of Lent whereby we remember the sacrifice that Christ made as he himself walked with his cross, in our small yet humble gesture we too walked to remember and support our charities.

Walk of Witness 1  Walk of Witness 2  Walk of Witness 3  Walk of Witness 4

Catholic Partnership Activity Weekend

From Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th March five year 7 pupils took part in the Catholic Partnership Activity Weekend which was held at Ford Castle in Northumberland.  The weekend included, Jacobs Ladder, assault courses, Night Trail and many other great activities.  All pupils and staff enjoyed themselves and our pupils made some new friends from our different schools.  We can’t wait until next year.

Activity Weekend 1  Activity Weekend 2  Activity Weekend 3  Activity Weekend 4  Activity Weekend 5

Catholic Partnership Lent Liturgy

On Wednesday 15th March, seven year 7 pupils took part in the Catholic Partnership Lent Liturgy, which was held at St Joseph’s Church in Hartlepool.  The theme for the service was ‘At The Foot Of the Cross’.  Each school was given a station of the cross to interpret and this was brought together with music and readings.  Our Lady and St Bede were given the 14th station.  Jesus is laid in the tomb.  Pupils processed down the aisle holding a white cloth above their heads and laid this at the front of the altar.  This was a very moving service and an opportunity for us all to share this special time together.

Catholic Partnership 1  Catholic Partnership 2  Catholic Partnership 3  Catholic Partnership 4

Flame 2017 10,000 Reasons – 11th March 2017

On Saturday 11th March over 800 young people form the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese traveled by coach to the Flame 2017 congress in Wembley Arena.  We left Stockton at about and returned by


The Day was full of drama, first class music and inputs from great speakers.  We came home full of hope for the future.  The theme of the day was that God needs our hands and feet to spread his message of love and hope throughout the world.  To fan our gifts and talents into a burning flame for everyone to see.  We remembered the 10,000 people who lost their lives as they tried to cross the Mediterranean last summer for a safer life and we gave thanks for those who made it safely to our shores.  We all had an amazing day and we look forward to Flame 2019.

Flame 2017a  Flame 2017b  Flame 2017b  Flame 2017b  Flame 2017b  Flame 2017b

Cyber First Competition – March 2017

Last week 4 female students in year 9 and year 10 entered an online competition called Cyber First with NCSC – part of GCHQ.  The competition was for girls aged 13-15 with the aim of encouraging girls to think about a career in cyber security, the challenges were on logic and coding, networking and cryptography.  The girls worked extremely hard, we worked every lunch-time, stayed back every night after school until 6 and worked at the weekend as well.  Although we did not make the final round in London, we had great fun and would be keen to enter again next year!

Cyber First Competition

Geography Club – March 2017

Over the last half term Geography Club have started to build a relief model of Stockton-on-Tees. This model is going to show the high and low areas of land within the local area. Pupils started off by studying a relief map showing the height of land before transferring this onto cardboard and colouring coding the different areas. We have begun to make the model 3D by building the areas of high and low land. I would like to remind all pupils in Years 7 -9 that Geography club takes place every Wednesday in G2. We will keep you updated on the progress! Miss Mason


Comic Art Masterclass – Thursday 2nd March 2017

On Thursday 2nd March, 10 year 7 pupils went to an extremely exciting Catholic Partnership event at Darlington Library. The trip was designed for Comic Art enthusiasts and pupils were invited to dress up as their favourite comic characters, in celebration of World Book Day. The talented Kev F Sutherland ran the extremely exciting event, who has drawn for a variety of publications, including The Beano! Pupils were taught how to draw comic characters and even produced their very own comic to take home. He also drew a caricature of each pupil which was very entertaining and a lovely reminder of the afternoon for pupils to take with them. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, spending the bus ride home talking about how wonderful the trip was. A fantastic opportunity for Our Lady and St. Bede pupils. With thanks, Miss Cant.

Comic Art Master Class 2  Comic Art Master Class 1

Year 7 Achievement Assembly – Friday 17th February

Congratulations to Year 7 on yet another successful half term. The year group celebrated in our achievement assembly and again, as Head of Year, I was extremely proud. 27 of our students celebrated maintaining their 100% attendance. There were many sporting achievements to celebrate from football, cross country and the Catholic Partnership Swimming Gala. Congratulation to all the students involved in these team events and for representing our school with such pride. Head of Year Commendations also recognised students who are currently rehearsing for a production of Jane Eyre at Billingham Forum next week, and one student for her beautiful poem that is to be published in a Young Writers Poetry Book. The highlight of the assembly was the Head of Year Commendations for Citizenship in the Local Community which were awarded to two students for a nomination received from the Local Sainsbury’s store. – Mrs Stephenson


Smithfield Timber Logo Competition

All year 9 competed in a LOGO competition in conjunction with Smithfield Timber to design them a new company logo.  After much deliberation there were 3 winners.  Hopefully the final design will eventually be used by the company in its rebranding.  Congratulation to all who took part – Mr Plaice and Miss Wrightson.

      1st Place  2nd Place  3rd Place

French Spelling Bee – round 2 winners – Thursday 16th February

Three students have been have been chosen to represent the school at the Spelling Bee regional finals in April.  Having regularly attended French club on a Monday lunchtime with Mr. Riddle, the three have vastly improved their French spelling skills.


The competition consists of year seven students spelling as many words into the target language as possible in one minute.  These 3 students came out as the top three students from the group of students regularly taking part.


If successful at the regional finals in April, they will have the chance to compete against students from across the country at the national finals in Cambridge.  A fantastic achievement from our year seven students and a great opportunity for them!


French Spelling Bee

Year 7 St Bede – Form Assembly – Friday 3rd February 2017

For the past few weeks, 7 St Bede have prepared for their assembly based on ‘differences’. They have explored how we are all special and unique, realising that this is something to celebrate. During the assembly, 7 St Bede shared their thoughts on being different through prayer and reflection. It was also a chance to celebrate their different talents, including dance, music, public speaking, teamwork and self-confidence. Well done 7 St Bede! Miss Best.


The Source – Thursday 2nd February

The Source is a monthly youth event organised by the Youth Ministry Team in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle and is held in St Mary’s Cathedral.

This event brings young people, Year 9 and above, together for an evening of inspiring talks, praise, worship and socialisation. During our meeting last night Bishop Seamus Cunningham shared with us his own faith journey.


Assembly Year 9 St Bede – 1st February 2017

With thanks to our pupils in Year 9 St Bede who led assembly this morning and reflected on the diversity and richness in our world today.



Form Assembly led by Year 10 St Bede – Tuesday 31st January

Thanks to Mrs Lowe and Mrs Harrison and the pupils of Year 10 St Bede for leading our assembly this morning.
Reflection – Let us never let people put us down because of who we we are or what we look like. Each of us is unique and special. There is something in this world that only we can do. God loves us as we are and after all, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same! God has a special plan for each of us.


Catholic life music group – Friday 20th January

Photos from the trip to Tees Valley Music Centre on Friday evening to record some of their songs. Months of hard work and dedication paid off with two tracks on CD now.


Catholic Partnership Exhibition: Monday 23rd January 2017

Year 11 Art pupils exhibited their ceramics and mixed media drawings at the Hexham and Newcastle Catholic Partnership Exhibition last night within the beautiful setting of St Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle.


The work was produced in response to St Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of the Sun” known also as “Laudato Si”.



Yr10 Achievement Assembly – Tuesday 20th December 2016

It was wonderful to meet today as a year group for our final Year Group Assembly of 2016, where we recognised the achievements of our wonderful students.  As Head of Year, I was extremely proud to award certificates to 49 students who had each achieved 100% attendance in Half Term 2.  We also recognised Alicia, Matthew, Leon and Matthew, Melissa, Luke and Thomas as the students with the most improved attendance in each form class.  Form Teachers were also very pleased to see the following students recognised as the Star of their Form Class – Amy & Stephen 10 St Bede; Shawnalee & Oliver 10 St Cuthbert; Bonny & Olivia 10 English Martyrs; Luke & Amy 10 St Mary; Emma & Mikey 10 St Patrick and Charlie and Andrew 10 St. Peter & Paul.  It was also wonderful to award the hard work of Thomas, Charlie, Matthew, Sam, Abbie, Luke, Jake, Lewis, Carter, Bonny and Matthew for receiving the highest number of positive points on Class Charts during the Half Term.


Thank you to all of our Y10 students for their hard work and cooperation throughout the Half Term.  We look forward to another successful term after the Christmas break.


The students were also issued with their Mock Exam timetables for the week beginning Mon 16th January and reminded to spend some time revising over the holiday period whilst still managing to enjoy time with their families and friends at this special time of year. Mr York, Head of Year 10



Science Club – Using the pH scale to create a Christmas tree – Monday 19th December 2016

A group of year 7 pupils have been attending Science club since September/October and have been carrying out various practicals that are part of the curriculum.  Year 7s have been taught about acids & alkalis and it was one of the pupil’s idea to create a Christmas tree based on the pH scale from that unit.  The pupils were asked to design the tree and then make it using equipment in the lab.  Pupils carried out “neutralisation reactions” to get the pH correct at each stage of the tree to mimic the pH scale.  Once the tree was complete pupils then decided to decorate the tree with coloured card.  Some decorations are classic Christmas ones but others are more scientific.  This took the pupils a total of 3 weeks (3 Science clubs) to make.

Science Club 1  Science Club 2

Advent Charities Appeal – Monday 19th December 2016

Thanks to our pupils for supporting our Advent Charities Appeal through the Christmas themed day!

Christmas Themed Day

Charity Hampers

Students from Our Lady and St. Bede opened their hearts to those in need.  The whole school came together to create over 200 Christmas food hampers to help four charities, Stockton Hope Project, Bridge House for the Homeless, Daughters of Charity and families within the community.

Charity Hampers

Hour of Code

Pupils use their skills to manage the ‘Hour of Code’.   The Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Education Week and reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.

img_2344  img_2310  img_2311  img_2326  img_2327

Advent Charity Appeal – 16th December 2016

Year 9 students in English Martyrs form collected a total of 20 food hampers for various charities and families in the local community, charities included Bridge House, the Stockton Hope project and Missionaries of charity.  Contributions were made by pupils in the form as well as a a generous donation of 9 bags of food and £60 to spend on additional items was made by the family of one form member and a local church group.  With 20 food hampers, we were able to donate at least one hamper to each family and several boxes to the charities. – Miss Wrightson

Thursday 15th December – Year 8 Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to our year 8 pupils who were rewarded today in assembly.  We are proud to celebrate their hard work and dedication during this last half-term.

1  2  3  4  5

Arts Award – December 13th 2016

Well done to Abigail and Megan in year 9 who participated in the Arts Award weekend event held at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.  The girls worked with artist Paul Merrick and, using BALTIC’s exhibitions as a focus, they experimented with different visual arts techniques, they explored arts inspiration and shared techniques and skills with each other.  We would like to congratulate both students on passing their Bronze Arts Award which is a nationally recognized Level 1 Award with a QCF credit value of 6.


img_2468  img_2469  img_2466  img_2467

Year 11 Achievement Assemblies – Monday 12th December 2016

This morning we celebrated another fantastic half term with our Year 11’s.  I was proud as Head of Year 11 to present our students with their rewards.  These students have shown total dedication to their studies been relentless on their journey to excellence.  Students received rewards for 100% attendance and certificates for ‘attitude to their studies’.  We also presented students with their rewards which they gained for photographs entered in the HNCP photograph gala.  Students had time at the end of the assembly to socialise with their peers and listen to some Christmas music.  Well done all.  Mr Bedford


dsc_0121  dsc_0117  dsc_0116  dsc_0114  dsc_0113  dsc_0112  dsc_0111  dsc_0110  dsc_0109  dsc_0108  dsc_0107  dsc_0106

Advent Reconciliation Service – 8th December 2016

With thanks to our students who helped lead our Advent Reconciliation Service today.


Hexham and Newcastle Catholic Partnership Advent Liturgy

On Thursday 1st December all of the schools came together from the Diocesan Catholic Partnership to celebrate our Advent Liturgy at St Mary’s RC Church, Blackhill, Consett.  This was a wonderful occasion and we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who took part.  St Thomas More who sang and played so beautifully, and all the readers from each school who read so well. It truly was a lovely service. – Elizabeth Welsh, School Chaplain

dsc05580-advent-2  dsc05602-advent-4  dsc05604-advent-5  dsc05605-adevent-3  dsc05631-advent-10

Media Oscars – Monday 28th November 2016

Many congratulations to the art students who were nominated for awards at the Media Oscars.  Everybody had a fantastic time celebrating at Hardwick Hall in Sedgefield on Monday evening.


Year 7 Spelling Bee – Friday 25th November

Four of our year 7 pupils attended the Catholic Partnership Spelling Bee at St. Joseph’s school.  The pupils enjoyed an exciting range of activities, from anagram challenges to shiny shapes, before spending the afternoon battling it out in rounds of an intense spelling competition with eleven other teams.  The pupils made it through the first two rounds and in to the quarter finals.  The pupils were extremely positive and commended the winning team in a very admirable fashion!  We had an extremely enjoyable day out, learning new spellings and socialising with pupils from other partnership schools.  Abigail also won the ‘Spirit of Spelling’ award for her amazing effort during the competition.  A huge well done to all pupils who attended, they were a credit to Our Lady and St. Bede’s!


Feedback from the pupils of the day:


“I love how Spelling is scary”


“I learned new words”


“Next year they better ‘bee’ ready for us”


“I am proud to be from Our Lady and St Bede’s”


Miss Cant

Year 7 Retreat – ‘Reconnect’

This week has an amazing week for Year 7 students who have fully participated in very energetic and outstanding residential retreat with the Youth Ministry Team, at the Emmaus Youth Village.  We have taken time to reflect and remind ourselves that sometimes we need to rediscover our God-given potential.  We are all like a mustard seed that has been planted to become a large and magnificent tree and the challenge is not to be afraid and place our trust in God to not only grow individually but also to make a difference in with world with our God given gifts. #ymt

dsc_0025  dsc_0094  dsc_0129  dsc_0160  dsc_0171  dsc_0184

Armistice Day 2016 – Friday 11th November 2016

Natasha – Year 9 English Martyrs


Year 10 GCSE Art Trip to London – Thursday 3rd November 2016

I was very proud to have taken a wonderful year 10 GCSE group down to London for some project inspiration. The students had a fantastic time experiencing work in the Tate Modern. A great day, thank you to all involved.
Mrs Pilling


The students said:


‘The architecture ignited my aspiration to become an Architect’


‘I’m inspired for my Art project and have many more ideas for my future endeavours’


‘The Tate Modern gave me ideas about how creative I can be if I put my mind to it’


Achievement Assemblies – Year 7 – 21st October 2016

Year 7 have had an outstanding first half term, at Our Lady & St Bede and this morning’s achievement assembly was the perfect way to celebrate both their talents and achievements in their contributions to whole school life, learning and our school community. 131 students in the year group received a certificate in recognition for their 100% attendance, followed by a random draw for one lucky student to win a £10 high street voucher. St Joseph’s received the award for the tutor group with the highest attendance this half term at 99% and St Mary’s gained the award for the tutor group with the highest positive points at a whopping 956! St Patrick’s tutor group also gained a shout out for their dedication, hard work & thoughtfulness in preparing mass and an assembly this term. Seven Year 7’s were awarded a Golden Ticket by subject staff this term for an outstanding piece of work, again each received a certificate and one lucky student was drawn out to win a £10 high street voucher. Well done to two of our year group who received a £10 high street voucher & certificate for having the highest individual positive points over the last seven weeks. We also celebrated some school trips to see authors, along with outside achievements and talents, including one young lady for her stunning performance with the English Youth Ballet. Well done Year 7 – keep turning that magic on and glistening like those precious diamonds we can all be!

Mrs A Stephenson, Head of Year 7

Achievement Assemblies – Year 8 – 20th October 2016


Year 8 were rewarded this morning for their achievement this term. 74 pupils have 100% attendance, and using a random number generator one of the students received a £10 high street voucher. St Cuthbert’s form class achieved the highest attendance at 96.6%. They are looking forward to enjoying the chocolates they received as a reward! English Martyrs have the highest number of positive points in the year group and were also treated to some chocolate for their hard work. Every form tutor nominated two star pupils for the half term with a certificate and the pupils went into a prize draw with 2 of them winning another £10 voucher. A final prize of £10 was awarded to one of the 54 pupils who have had no negative behaviour points this half term. It was a fantastic way to end the half term and well done to year 8. 
Miss H Brooke, Head of Year 8

Achievement Assemblies – Year 9 – 19th October 2016


Year 9 were rewarded this morning for their achievement this term. 65 students have 100% attendance, and we used a random number generator to award one of the students with a £10 high street voucher. St Cuthbert’s form class achieved the highest attendance and St Patrick’s have the highest number of positive points in the year group. Every form tutor presented their two star pupils for the half term with a certificate and the students went into a prize draw for another £10 voucher. Two more vouchers were won, chosen from the top 10 individuals with the highest points, and from the 5 students who have had the biggest impact on class charts over the last 6 months. 
Mr J. Burns Head of Year 9

Achievement Assemblies – Year 10 – 18th October 2016


Year 10 had a wonderful Celebration Assembly today in Hall A. Drinks, biscuits and sweets were provided for all members of the year group in recognition of a fantastic first half term in Year 10. Certificates were awarded to the many students who had achieved 100% attendance, with one lucky boy and one lucky girl being randomly chosen to receive a £10 High Street Gift Voucher. Students with the most improved attendance from last year were also formally recognised together with the fantastic Year 10 helpers from Open Evening. A group of 6 Year 10 girls were also recognised for successfully applying to attend a nationally accredited weekend cause at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Finally all students without any negative behaviour points in this first half term were entered into a draw for another 2 £10 High Street Vouchers. As Head of Year I was extremely proud to celebrate the success in our year group this half term. 
Mr S.York Head of Year 10


Achievement Assemblies – Year 11- 17th October 2016


We celebrated the achievements of our wonderful Year 11 Students during assembly this morning. Students were rewarded for their attendance at school with four lucky students winning vouchers for high street stores. We also rewarded students with “attitude” awards, for those who strive to be the best person they can be each and everyday. Students’ out of school achievements were also recognised, including one student who had won Cadet of the Year and another for her amazing performance in the English Youth Ballet. Students were then treated to chocolate and drinks after being presented with their awards by Mr Hammill. 

Mr Bedford Head of Year 11


Year 6 Open Evening – 11th October 2016


We would like to thank parents, pupils and staff who supported open evening. The evening was extremely well supported and we are flattered that so many parents and pupils are interested in our school community. If you are making an application for a place and need any guidance please do not hesitate to contact the school in either of these ways:
phone: 01642 890800

Year 11 College Visit – October 2016

Our Year 11 students worked with Stockton Sixth Form College on their future aspirations. The students had chance to ask question regarding courses and spend time with tutors from the college. The students valued this experience and this has helped them develop their knowledge regarding higher education. The college provided our students with many different resources to enable them to make an informed decision about their life after school. We thank the college for taking the time to work with our students.


Modern Languages at Our Lady and St Bede – Review of 2015/16

Please watch this video to see an overview of how pupils have the opportunity to enrich their French and Spanish education whilst at Our Lady and St Bede


Thursday 29th September – Year 7 Author Visit – Liz Kessller


On Thursday 29th September fifteen Year 7 pupils were fortunate enough to be able to visit Conyers School in Yarm to hear author Liz Kessler, speak about her writing. The group were treated to an exciting hour of music and pictures as she discussed the creative process which she undergoes when writing her books. From places to people and song lyrics to dreams; she discussed each magical stage of bringing her characters to life. The pupils were treated to an interesting journey in creative writing which they thoroughly enjoyed. Afterwards, they were able to get their books personally signed before posing for a group photograph. They are looking forward to trying out her techniques in their own writing.
Please click here to read the Northern Echo’s article on the visit.



Thursday 22nd September 2016 – Students Enjoy European day of Languages


St John’s Secondary School and Sixth Form College held a special event to celebrate the European Day of Languages in which 8 of our school’s year 8 language students were selected to take part in.


The day started in true European style with a lovely continental breakfast of hot chocolate and croissants for the young linguists. Shortly after, students were allocated groups named after famous European cities, with pupils from other schools within the partnership. This was followed by several language workshops including: Russian, Portuguese, French Fairy Tales, Spanish music and Japanese.


During the first session, students were quick to get to grips with the unusual Russian sounds and alphabet. By the end of the workshop, they were able to decipher famous brand names in Russian and have short conversations. When asked how they found this, the students replied, “Kharasho!” (great).


One highlight in particular was the Japanese lesson during which students and teaching staff alike were amazed by the fact that Japanese students must bow and say, “teach me oh wonderful teacher” at the beginning of each lesson. This proved a very popular idea amongst the teaching staff at the event! Some students even got to imagine themselves as Japanese, having been the only two in the group to try on a traditional Japanese outfit.


The director of the partnership closed the event with a motivational speech about the importance of languages, especially in light of recent political events. This was followed by a short awards ceremony where one of our pupils. As expected, Our Lady & St Bede students did themselves proud by getting involved and making the most of the opportunity. Their excellent behaviour and attitude to learning was praised by one of the teachers who helped to organise the event.


Upon return to Our Lady & St Bede, the students expressed how they enjoyed the event – in a variety of different languages! A big thank you to St John’s for running the event and to the students that attended and represented our school.



Thursday August 25th – Our Lady and St Bede Class of 2016 – Exceptional GCSE Results


On Thursday August 25th the class of 2016 received their GCSE examinations results. Congratulations to all our students who have achieved so very highly – all the staff are extremely proud of their results.


86% A*-C English and Maths – a record high for Our Lady and St Bede.


Students achieved 1 grade higher on average in all subject areas – putting our school among the very best in the country.


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