Design and Technology: Product Design

Contact: Mr P.A. Greaves – Head of Technology


Course Structure & Overview


Exam Board: AQA
Syllabus: 4557


Unit 1: Written Paper 40%
Unit 2: Design and Making Practice 60%


A GCSE in Product Design forms a firm foundation for students considering careers in all aspects of technology. It allows students to pursue interests in an extensive range of products using diverse materials and gives insights into related sectors such as engineering, manufacturing and all areas of design, including fashion, cars, interior design and many other consumer products.


This is an ‘unreformed’ GCSE and still award grades from A*-G.


Course Content


The GCSE is made up of two sections.


Unit 1: Written Paper – 2 hours – 40% of GCSE


This is a single paper encompassing every aspect of the course, from the design process to machine and material uses, and also includes the need for the student to show design ability in some of the major question sections.


Unit2: Controlled assessment portfolio and product – 60% of GCSE


This is combination of graphical evidence within a folio and a number of practical outcomes (or artefacts) to build a complete ‘design and make’ experience. This is started in Year 10, to allow students time to present their work to the best of their ability without impinging on exam preparation.


Skills Developed


Product Design involves:


• Being creative and designing new products
• Understanding how the design process works
• Using research to guide designing
• Develop skills to help present and make quality products
• Experimenting, investigating and testing products and materials
• Understanding how products are manufactured


Progression Routes


Many of the students who enjoyed studying GCSE Product Design have gone on to study A Level Product Design. You can also study and Design and Technology related course post-16. If post-16 is not for you, employers will value the GCSE qualification as it encourages creative, technical and transferable skills.


Future Careers


Product design: Product design is useful for anyone wishing to pursue a career in design, architecture, engineering, product development or industrial design.

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