Head of School’s Welcome


I am delighted to welcome you to Our Lady and St Bede Catholic Academy. Choosing a secondary school is an important decision for all families. We want to share with you as much as we can about our school, to help you to make an informed choice. We think Our Lady and St Bede is an excellent choice of secondary school but to help you to determine this for yourselves, I encourage you to visit the school, meet the staff and the pupils, and learn more about the excellent, all round education that we offer. I also recommend that you talk to families whose children attend Our Lady and St Bede. I am sure that they will speak positively about their experiences.


Our Lady and St Bede became an Academy and part of the Carmel Education Trust in February 2015 and as a newly appointed Head of School, building on the existing strengths of the school and working alongside the Carmel Education Trust I believe we are at a very significant stage in the history of Our Lady and St Bede.


Our Lady and St Bede is a great place to work, first and foremost because of our fantastic pupils. The majority come from our four Catholic partner primaries and a sizeable minority from other schools across the town and beyond, including from overseas. The majority are Catholics but we welcome equally students from many Faith backgrounds. There is an excellent ethnic, socio-economic and academic mix in the school. The roll is around 700 and growing. For September 2015 we had a 30% increase of applications into the school; a strong sign of our standing in the local community.


Our Lady and St Bede benefits from having excellent staff, both teaching and support. We also enjoy a very strong partnership with our family of primaries, all of whom are fully supportive of Our Lady and St Bede. Links with parishes are strong as is our partnership with Diocesan and Local Authority schools.


We strive for excellence in all that we do, which of course, includes academic excellence. High standards of academic achievement are, however, just one element of our mission to provide our students with the best possible holistic education. Their all-round development is equally important. As a Catholic school, nurturing children’s spiritual development is central to everything we do. Pupils do not need to be Catholic to work come here but they do need to be committed to understanding and actively promoting the school’s distinctive Catholic/Christian ethos in their daily work. We have an excellent climate for learning in school. Students are extremely well behaved in and out of lessons. This is a key characteristic in the school’s on-going success and popularity with parents.


One unique element of Our Lady and St Bede and central to our ethos is our provision for pupils on the autistic spectrum. As a school we host a specialist unit for children on the ASD spectrum in the local area. We have a very strong reputation in this field and again this is a visible sign of our ethos in action for these children and families.


Finally, you are very welcome to Our Lady and St Bede. Please have a good look around our school, talk to pupils and staff and get to know what we are about. To help you further in your decision we would also like to invite any family to come and see the school in action.


Chris Hammill

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